From 2021


From 2021
The WVEPAH, as with all academic institutions, has had to adapt to the global health situation and travel restrictions.

Therefore, for 2021, the WVEPAH will move its teaching platform online.

The WVEPAH’s first commitment is to maintain the quality of education. The specialist teachers (Course Masters), who have formed the teaching staff since courses began in 2014, will not change.

During 2021, course modules will no longer be attached to a specific location. This will allow all future students, no matter the language of instruction (English, French or Spanish), to access the courses. Students will be able to study at their own pace, in the environment of their choosing and according to their availability. Not having to travel will not only reduce the health risks associated with COVID, but also the costs for students from transport, accommodation and meals.

The primary objective of improving and validating the expertise of veterinarians in poultry medicine remains the same. Each 8-10 hour block of pre-recorded lessons will be followed by a 2 hour session with the teachers via Zoom. 
The courses are open to students of all nationalities and not restricted to a geographical area. The OIE part of the courses has not changed.

Module I (Key Disciplines in Poultry Health/Regulation Module OIE-WOAH) will be a prerequisite for the specialized Module II courses (broilers, layers, turkeys etc.). A multiple choice exam will be held a few months after the end of each course. A transition solution is planned for those who have already completed a Module II course without having done Module I and who wish to receive certification.

The diploma issued by the University of Luxembourg to students who have passed the exam will retain the same value, so the prerequisites for those wishing to participate remain the same.

The constant concern for the WVEPAH is to offer participants the best training at the best cost. Distance learning creates logistical and technical costs for the WVEPAH, as well as savings related to the lack of travel. The new prices reflect this balance and, given the current economic situation, the overall cost of WVEPAH courses has thus been significantly reduced for participants.

Education and
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Animal Health

Training programs and certifications for professionals

Learn from the best in the world: ‘training programs for professionals, by professionals’.

The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), based in Luxembourg, is a non-profit organization providing high-quality post-graduate training for professionals in various fields of production animals.

If you are a professional working in poultry health and production, the high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) from the WVEPAH is for you! Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your knowledge and have your skills officially validated with an internationally recognized academic diploma – the regulatory part of which is validated by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH/OIE). Graduates obtain ‘de facto’ the status of international expert.

A high quality of training is guaranteed by small groups of participants, real case studies, modern facilities, practical workshops, and internationally recognized teachers. Further information on our methods, study programs and faculty can be found on this website.

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WVEPAH: Training and examination centers

About the WVEPAH

The WVEPAH is a non-profit organization for continuing professional development. 

It recruits teachers, verifies the veracity of the participants’ qualifications and CVs, provides full logistic support (registration, course location organization in collaboration with the local host university, management etc.). The University is responsible for ensuring quality standards and compliance with academic rules and for issuing the diplomas. The course masters are responsible for the course content, the structure of which is consistent with the WVEPAH’s pedagogy. The latter is described under “Study Programs”.

See more in the About section.

Levels of expertise of professionals in poultry farming

Poultry experts are employed in various positions throughout the world, such as in the pharmaceutical and agro-food industries, or as practicing veterinarians or educators.

However, depending on each professional’s past work experience and educational background, the levels of expertise in the various aspects of this field may vary greatly.

While all professionals have their own individual strengths, in order to obtain the status of “expert”, they must meet the international standards required by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in each of the areas involved in the overall management of poultry production.
The table below summarizes the competencies of 120 participants from 22 countries, during previous WVEPAH-OIE courses. It shows their levels of competency in various areas of poultry farming, according to their job and day-to-day work.

Levels of expertise in poultry production

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