New distance learning platform coming soon!

The WVEPAH is pleased to announce that online courses will soon be available. This flexible structure should make the course much more accessible to participants from all over the world, including regions where internet speeds might be insufficient. In such cases, the connection will be tested in advance of the live component and, in case of a problem, alternative solutions will be explored.

This new structure has been introduced in the context of COVID 19, but will remain in place thereafter.

The courses will correspond exactly to the traditional residential structure delivered previously: they will be given by the same teachers and the proposed content and teaching material will be the same.

Le Cours Module I: Key Disciplines in Poultry Health/Regulation Module OIE-WOAH sera proposé exclusivement par le biais de webinairestructuré comme suit :

  • 70 heures de matériel préenregistré. Les vidéos et le matériel pédagogique préparés par chaque maître de stage seront disponibles pour être visionnés au rythme et à la convenance de chaque participant.
  • 10 heures d'interaction en direct avec les maîtres de stage qui permettront aux participants de poser des questions et de commenter des cas cliniques au cours de sessions hebdomadaires de 2 heures le samedi.
  • An official exam will be organized during each specialized Module II course.

Les différents cours spécialisés du Cours Module II: Broilers, Egg Layers, Turkey or Waterfowl d'eau seront structurés comme suit :

  • 35 heures de matériel préenregistré en suivant le principe énoncé plus haut.
  • A one week (35 hours) long residential course. These will be organized so as to give priority to practical work, visits to the facilities linked to the course and interactions between Course Masters and participants.
  • The official end-of-course exam will cover content from Modules I and II.

For all courses a forum will be open for a fixed period of time, during which all participants will be able to ask questions and see the answers provided to their fellow course participants? questions.

The participants who have successfully passed the Module I and Module II exams and have presented the required clinical cases, will be eligible for the ?Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production? diploma, awarded by the University of Luxembourg, with the regulatory aspects validated worldwide by the OIE.

This structure, by using new teaching methods, allows everyone to study at their own pace while keeping the conviviality of WVEPAH courses through virtual face-to-face meetings. It should also allow for a greater number of professionals to participate due to the significant reduction in travel and accommodation costs.

More details will be provided soon.

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